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Email Verification Tool For Improving Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing offers significant ROI to your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, marketers are always eager to learn new ways of building a valid email list. It allows them to pursue email marketing aggressively because it is reported to bring in shocking ROI of up to 3,400%. There are also some marketers, who did experience their ROI fall below expectations. Why?

Why email marketing ROI has collapsed?

There are plenty of reasons why your email marketing efforts don’t bring in the expected results. The main guilty element is the email address quality. If your mailing list has incorrect, spam traps or role-based email addresses then your delivery of email will suffer. An increase in bounce rate can hamper email marketing ROI.

How to enhance the quality of your email list?

A simple answer is email verification or email validation using an appropriate tool. It is a process to verify the quality and accuracy of every email address in your list. The email verify checker tool identifies the email that is not safe to deliver. It starts by checking the email address syntax. A few examples of worthless syntax are –

  • – There are two dots, so is incorrect.
  • ABC@beauty com – The dot is missing
  • ABC@beautycom – The dot is absent before the extension
  • ABC – There is extra space before @.
  • – @ is missing.

The tool checks, if the domain name is right or not. If everything is fine then the technical process starts. They determine the email address validity.

Ultimately, the tool displays results. Every verified email is possibly categorized under ‘Safe to send’, ‘Role-based, Accept-All, Free Service, Disposable, Invalid, etc. You can take steps based on the results – either retire or quarantine them or persist to send emails.

How email verification tools can enhance your marketing campaign?

Determines data accuracy

For successful digital marketing, you need high-quality data. Validation results show the data quality and if it is high then you are on right track. In case, a large amount of incorrect r undeliverable addresses are displayed then you need to take steps for improving it.

Lessens the email bounce rate

Email validation results are detailed. They convey the address is invalid, role-based, accept-all, valid, etc. With this information, take steps to eliminate the ones that are not promising safe delivery. In this way, every outgoing email gets delivered correctly. It means with a clean email list the bounce rate will dampen.

Saves funds

It is expensive to store emails in your database. Even sending emails needs some money. Periodic cleaning of the email list, you get to know which ones to eliminate. Your mailing list shrinks, which also means saving. You will send a few emails and the cost connected with sending out and storing emails decreases.

Displays ideal campaign insights

After cleaning the email list you get real and deliverable addresses. You can monitor the actions your recipients take – for example, if a specific email revealed a poor click-through-rate then check if the message or offer was not engaging or interesting. You can optimize it or have it removed & replaced. Emails are sent to engage subscribers, so you know each interaction is real.

The email list stays fresh every time. Now, you send emails to targeted audiences. Better targeted emails increase the chance to engage recipients, who have subscribed and are more likely to buy your brand.


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