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How Can You Get Rid Of Flies?

Everyone is familiar with a fly’s obnoxious buzzing sound in the house. A single fly is not a problem. Grab the fly swatter, and the issue will be resolved. The bad news is that house flies will only get worse if you don’t get rid of fly. Fear not; there is a simple fix, and you could already have everything you need.

You keep your home clean, always close the door after entering, and you’ve checked the window screens. Although we usually only think of these pests as a problem in the summer, house flies may be a problem all year round. Because houseflies are substantially more active in the summer, an invasion is more likely.

A single fly is all it takes to turn a pest issue into a major one, whether it entered through the door, a vent, or a hole in a screen. House flies only survive 10 to 25 days, yet they can lay hundreds of eggs during that period. Here are the ways listed to get rid of a fly.

All Potential “Fly Food” Should Be Removed.

House flies love disgusting things because they feed on them. Pet waste, drain sludge, trash cans, ripe produce, and sticky spills are common feeding areas. Keep up with litter box upkeep, deep-clean your drains, watch what you bring home from the farmers market, sanitize the trash can, rinse out everything you plan to recycle and ensure spills are properly cleaned up. Even less offensive items like cat food or a half-empty wine glass might attract flies. Bird spikes are also effective.

Create A Homemade Fly Trap For The Home.

Start with an empty two-litre plastic drink bottle, advises Erlich Pest Control. The top third, typically where the top of the label once was, should be cut off and set aside. Put some tempting liquid at the bottom of the bottle to draw the flies. You can use soda, juice, or sugar water. Please wait until the bottle’s top is upside down before inserting it into the bottom section and maybe taping the corners shut. The trap will also catch fruit flies. Try introducing some leftover food or meat scraps if no houseflies appear.

Another less time-consuming option is to combine a small amount of apple cider vinegar, sugar, and dish soap in a shallow bowl. The flies will examine the smell before being suffocated by the concoction. You can use bird spikes too.

Purchase A Light Trap.

While outdoor light traps often combine ultraviolet light with a low-voltage electric grid “zapper,” inside light traps typically combine it with a hidden sticky trap. These traps are a little less disgusting than traditional fly paper because they conceal the trapping mechanism. Numerous indoor light traps are plug-in devices. Make sure you can set the inside light trap at the height where flies prefer to assemble if you decide to use one. If you can, place it away from windows to avoid the new issue of flies hovering nearby.


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